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2020.04.16 【Honors】 Dean Wen-Chen Chang’ s journal article <Back into the political: Rethinking judicial, legal, and transnational constitutionalism>
published in International Journal of Constitutional Law has been added to the Best of Law Collection in the category of International Law as one of ten most-read Oxford University Press’ s international law publications throughout 2019. Best of Law Collection covers different areas of law and selects papers of Oxford University Press making the most impact in the field of law in the previous year.
2020.03.10 【Honors】 LLM Student Chen, Yu-Wei was offered a position as a Research Intern by the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University Law Center. Situated in Washington D.C., the O’Neill Institute has been the US’s front-runner in the study of health law issues and partners with dozens of organizations domestically and around the globe to better health for all.
2019.12.30 【Honors】 Congratulations to Chief Judge Kuo-Cheng Chen of the Intellectual Property Court for being awarded an outstanding alumni of National Chiao Tung University!
2019.12.30 【Honors】 Dean Wen-Chen Chang was elected as a member of the first president selection committee after the merger between National Chiao Tung University and National Yang Ming University.
2019.12.02 【Honors】 Congratulations to Chief Judge Kuo-Cheng Chen of the Intellectual Property Court for being awarded an outstanding alumni of National Chiao Tung University!
2019.10.03 【Honors】 Congratulations! NCTU Law has successfully joined Asian Law Institute (ASLI)! ASLI is the leading organization that facilitates comparative studies of international law, economic and trade law, technological law and constitutional law and human rights in Asia. It also co-publishes Asian Journal of Comparative Law with Cambridge University Press.
2019.08.01 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Lee,Yi-Syuan received admission from New York University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, UC Berkeley, Northwestern University and Georgetown University. Georgetown University provided a scholarship of 20,000 USD. She decides to go to UC Berkeley for further studies.
2019.08.01 【Honors】 Prof. Chang, Chao-Tien received the “2018 Distinguished Mentor Professor Award” from NCTU.
2019.08.01 【Honors】 Prof. Lin, Chih-Chieh received the “2018 Distinguished Teaching Award” from NCTU.
2019.04.10 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Su, Fang Yi received admission from Yale University, Harvard University, and Stanford University.
2019.03.24 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Fang, Jian-Shuen received admission and scholarship from Indiana University Bloomington.
2019.02.01 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Chung, Hsin-Ying attends Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) as exchange student for 6 months.
2018.12.21 【Honors】 9 students have passed the 2018 R.O.C. Taiwan Bar Exam.
2018.11.09 【Awards】 LLM Alumni Chiang, Ting-Wei received “2018 Taiwan Law Society Master’s Thesis Award”
2018.10.16 【Honors】 SJD Student Lee, Pin-Shen passed 2018 R.O.C. (Taiwan) Patent Attorney Exam
2018.09.20 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Lu,Wen-Chung was promoted to the Director of Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice
2018.08.24 【Honors】 SJD Students Lee, Pin-Shen, Li,Yueh-Hsuan, Tseng,Wei-Ting, Chen, Yuan-Yuan are elected as visiting scholars of Duke University
2018.08.24 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Tsai, Hsin-Ying received admission from University of Chicago
2018.08.24 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Chiang, Ting-Wei’s article “Chinese State-Owned Enterprises and WTO’s Anti-Subsidy Regime” was accepted by Georgetown Journal of International Law Vol.49 No.2
2018.08.18 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Li,Wei-Chi received admission from University of California-Berkeley
2018.08.11 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Lu,Fu-Yi received admission from Stanford University
2018.08.07 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Hu,Ya-Wen received admission from New York University
2018.08.01 【Honors】 LLM Student Lin, Tzu-Wei received internship opportunity in Duke University
2018.07.27 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Chen, Hsuan received admission from O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law of Georgetown University
2018.06.30 【Awards】 LLM Alumni Chiang, Hsin-Yeh received “2018 Taiwan Labor Law Association Master’s Thesis Award”
2018.05.10 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Chiu,Yu-Chih, Wu,Huan-Ting passed the New York Bar Examination
2018.04.17 【Honors】 LLM Alumni Sun,Min-Chao received the admission from New York University, University of California-Berkeley, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Northwestern University
2018.03.05 【Awards】 LLM Student Wen,Wei-Chen won 2018 Meichu Badminton Games
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