International Law Progarm

International Law Program

Technology and emerging laws such as trade, environmental, and biotechnology laws, are affected by increasing levels of globalization and local legal systems and comprise trans-boundary properties. Therefore, the NCTU Law School must adopt the perspectives of global governance and local needs to explore the interactions and reconciliations among the norms of finance and trade, the environment (natural resources), public health, and biotechnology, emphasizing integrated interdisciplinary research. By focusing on international trade and investment, international environmental, and the international intellectual property laws, the NCTU Law School analyzes the critical issues in existing international laws from the perspective of global norm control. Additionally, this research complements the specialty of the NCTU Law School in technology and finance law.

Fundamental Courses :

Public International Law

Advanced Courses :

WTO Laws

International Trade and Environment Laws

Bio-technology and Transnational Law

International Moot Court Competition

International Intellectual Property Laws

The E.U. Law

Issues on E.U. Economic Law

Issues on International Investment Laws

Issues on International Commercial Arbitration

Issues on International Trade Dispute Settlement

Anti-Dumping and Trading Remedy

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