Gender Equality, Labor Rights and Social Justice

This research group focuses on issues relating to the power structures of the society. Faculty members in this research group have a wide range of research interests including: gender and law, labor law, financial crimes, professional and biological ethics and wrongful convictions. These topics emphasize some of the core values of law, and highlights the underlying power structure and social norms. Moreover, this research group are especially interested in the groundwork of understanding the society, and encourages students to change the society through the power of legal expertise.

Fundamental Courses:
Gender and Law
Labor Law: Theory and Practice
Elder Law
Advanced Courses:
Collective Labor Law and Litigation: Theory and Practice
Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Biotechnology Law and Ethics
Science, Technology and Human Rights
White Collar Crime and Corporate Criminal Liability
U.S. Law and Society
Selective Readings on German Labor Law
Legal & Compliance Internship
Labor Law in practice
Contemporary Legal Thoughts
Seminar on Transitional Justice and International Human Rights Law


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