WANG Min-chiuan

WANG Min-chiuan (王敏銓)


J.S.D., Stanford University

Research Expertise : Trademark Law, Copyright Law

E-mail: emwang[at]

Research Interests

  • Intellectual Property, Property, Civil Procedure, Legal Theory Courses: Copyright Law, Trademark Law, American Property Law, American Civil Procedure

Selected Publications

  • The Asian Consciousness and Interests in Geographical Indications, 96 Trademark Reporter 906 (2006)
  • Trademark Merchandizing, Intellectual Property Right Journal, no. 146, at 32 (2011)
  • Trademark Infringement and Trademark Use – Commentaries on Two Cases of Taiwan High Courts, Taiwan Law Review, no. 185, at 151 (2010)
  • Protection for Trade Dress and Other Unconventional Trademarks in American Law—Also on Protection for Three-Dimensional Trademarks in Taiwan, Chung Yung Christian University Law Review (Sep. 2009)
  • A Study on the Registry of Famous Marks (Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, 2008)
  • Defenses to the Liability of Trademark Infringement in American Law: Abandonment, Fraud, and Equitable Defenses, The Law Journal, at 33-47 (Apr. 2008)
  • The Intersection of Intellectual Property and Antitrust Laws in the U.S.: A Survey, National Bar Journal, at 63-70 (Jan. 2008)
  • Comments on an Important Copyright Infringement Case in China: From the Perspective of American Copyright Law, Cross-Straight Law Review, no. 16, at 178-188 (Jun. 2007)
  • Likelihood of Confusion in American Trademark Law: Relevant Factors and Special Types, Intellectual Property Journal (Oct. 2006)
  • Victoria’s Secret and the U.S. Federal Trademark Dilution Act, in Essays on Important Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court 2000-2003 (Cing-Kae Chiao ed., Institute of European and American Studies, 2007)
  • Wittgenstein, Law, and Intellectual Property, in Essays in Honor of Professor Herbert Ma: On Theories & Institutions of Law, at 25-46 (Angle Publishing Co., Taipei, Jan. 2006)
  • Remedies in American Trademark Law, Intellectual Property Right Journal, no. 84, at 147-165 (Dec. 2005)*
  • The Competition of Language Games: Reading Lessig’s Free Culture from the Wittgensteinian Philosophy, Nanjing University Law Review, no. 24, at 25-49 (Fall 2005)(Nanjing, China)
  • Book Review (Free Culture, by Lawrence Lessig, 2004), 2 Technology Law Review 215 (2005)(Taipei)
  • Grounds for Opposition and Cancellation in U.S. Trademark Law, 6 Cross-Straight Law Review 89 (Taipei & Beijing)(Dec. 2004)
  • Distinctiveness in American Trademark Law, 67 Intellectual Property Journal 87 (2004)(Taipei)
  • Fair Use and the Adverse Effect of Moral Rights: U.S. Law and the Berne Convention, 111 The Taiwan Law Review 44 (2004)(Taipei)
  • The Nature of Fair Use Guidelines, 106 The Taiwan Law Review 74 (2004)(Taipei)
  • The TRIPs Agreement and John Rawls’s Theory of International Justice: A Preliminary Inquiry, 1 Technology Law Review 163 (2004)(Taipei)
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