CHANG Chao-tien

Chang Chao-tien (張兆恬)

Associate Professor

University of Pennsylvania, SJD, Dec. 2014

Research Expertise : Bioethics and Law, Health Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Privacy

E-mail: chaotien817[at]


  • University of Pennsylvania, SJD, Dec. 2014
  • University of Pennsylvania, LLM’10
  • National Taiwan University, LLM’06
  • National Taiwan University, LLB’03

Research Interests

  • Bioethics and Law, Health Law, Constitution, Administrative Law, Privacy

Professional License and Experience

  • License: New York Bar (summer 2010), Taiwanese Bar (2003)
  • Associate, Lin & Shih Attorneys-at-Law, Taipei, Taiwan (2007-2009)
  • Apprentice Associate, Taiwan International Patent and Law Office, Taipei, Taiwan (2007)

Academic Activities

  • Executive Editor, National Chiao Tung University Law Review (2015—present)
  • Symposium Editor, East Asia Law Review, University of Pennsylvania (2011-12)
  • Secretary and Program Commissioner, North American Taiwan Studies Association (2010-13)


  • Democratic Deliberation as an Emerging Bioethical Principle– Biobanking as an Example, S.J.D. Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania Law School (Fall 2014)
  • A Proposal for Reforms of the Referendum Act of 2003: a Deliberative Democratic Perspective (2003)


  • Chao-Tien Chang (2019). Whose Duty of Elder Care? — Examining the Aging Law and Policy in Taiwan. Wisconsin International Law Journal (forthcoming Dec 2019).
  • Chao-Tien Chang (2019, May). Bank on We the People: Why and How Public Engagement is Relevant to Biobanking. Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review, 25(2), pp.239-301. MOST 105-2410-H-009-002.
  • 黃朝琮、張兆恬(2018年12月)。意見表達之證券責任。輔仁法學。(已接受刊登)。(TSSCI)
  • 張兆恬(2018年10月)。藥害風險如何分擔?——淺評釋字第767號解釋。月旦法學雜誌,281期,pp.179-187。
  • 張兆恬(2018年09月)。論「民主審議」作為一項生命倫理原則及其規範意涵。中研院法學期刊,第23期,pp.219-321。科技部:105-2410-H-009-002。(TSSCI)
  • 張兆恬(2018年06月)。審議民主於生醫法上之運用:我國法之觀察。法律與生命科學,7卷1期,pp.1-16。科技部:106-2410-H-009-028。
  • 梁志鳴、張兆恬(2018年06月)。論當代司法行政監督的管制挑戰:從全民健康保險藥價不實申報之管制切入。台大法學論叢,47卷2期, pp.491-561。第二作者、貢獻度20%。(TSSCI)
  • 張兆恬(2018年02月)。從美國法上法人基本權之觀點再訪釋字第六〇六號。月旦法學雜誌,第273期,pp.161-176。科技部:105-2410- H-009-006。
  • 張兆恬(2017年03月)。論醫院中媒體採訪之法律與倫理問題—美國 Chanko v. ABC案的啟示。月旦醫事法報告,第5期,pp.193-213。
  • 張兆恬(2016年03月)。人體生物資料庫之資訊隱私爭議:美國法的啟示。法律與生命科學,5卷1期,pp.29-46。科技部:105-2410-H-009- 002。

Book Chapters

  • 張兆恬(2019年01月)。從老大哥到大數據:國家大型人體生物資料庫的隱私權議題。收錄於台灣的後基因體時代:新科技的典範轉移與挑戰(ISBN:978- 957-8614-23-9),pp.226-251。台灣:交通大學出版社。

Conference Papers

  • Chao-Tien Chang (2019, May). Whose Duty of Elder Care—Legal and Ethical Analysis Based on the Experience of Taiwan. The 2019 Law and Society Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., USA. MOST 107-2410-H-009-006-MY2.
  • Chao-Tien Chang (2018, Oct). An International Standard of Data Protection and Privacy? A Perspective from CPTPP. NCTU School of Law Workshop on Laws of World Trade and International Investment: The WTO, CPTPP, and Beyond, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Chao-Tien Chang (2018, May). How the Taiwanese Constitutional Court Addressed the Controversies of the Same-Sex Marriage Issue—A Deliberative Democratic View. 15th ASLI Conference, National Seoul University, Korea. MOST 106-2410-H-009-028.
  • Chao-Tien Chang (2017, Dec). Appeal to the Universal Value, or Response to the Local Society? An Analysis of the Taiwanese Constitutional Court’s Decision on Same-Sex Marriage. 2017 Asian Law and Society Annual Conference, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  • Chao-Tien Chang (2017, Dec). Is the Right to be Forgotten a Universal Right? A Comparative Perspective from Taiwan and Japan. 2017 Asian Law and Society Association Annual Conference, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  • Chao-Tien Chang (2017, May). Do Corporations have the Right to Privacy? — The US Jurisprudence and Lessons for Taiwan. 14th Asian Law Institute Conference, Manila, Philippine. MOST 105-2410-H-009-006.
  • Chao-Tien Chang (2016, Jun). Triple Review: How do the Research Ethics Committees of Biobanks Function in Taiwan. 2016 Law and Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA. MOST 105-2410-H-009-002.
  • Chao-Tien Chang (2015, Aug). Public Engagement in Biobanking—Why and How to Integrate We the People in Bioethical Discourses. the 4th East Asia Law and Society Conference, Tokyo, Japan.
  • 張兆恬(2019年03月)。個資保護的國際標準?亞洲的觀點。企業社會責任理論與實務,中國文化大學法學院。
  • 張兆恬(2017年11月)。論憲法法院中的世代正義–以釋字717號為中心。第 11屆憲法解釋之理論與實務研討會,中央研究院法律所。
  • 張兆恬(2016年10月)。檢視人體生物資料庫倫理委員會之角色:比較法的觀點。第一屆法與社會研討會(暨第四屆基礎法學年會),台灣。科技部: 105-2410-H-009-002。
  • 張兆恬(2016年04月)。論「民主審議」作為一項生命倫理原則及其規範意涵。台大公法新秀論壇,台灣:台北。


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